Thursday, September 10, 2009

Libby Talks Travel -- Hana, Maui (Hawaii)

I've attached the link on the last line of this article, so you may read their website! I'll focus on my personal experience. Hana on Maui is paradise personified! I had the privilege to go there as a teenager with my sister, my dad an my step mom -- and it was an unforgettable experience. The people were friendly, but protective of their village -- we stayed up the hill. The beaches were unbelievable -- both pristine and rugged. The food I'll never forget and I'm not a foodie! The fresh pineapple was so plentiful it cleansed us of every impurity. It cleared up my teenage skin for one ~ we were new people! We went horseback riding over some rather rugged terrain. My sister and I loved it, my dad was a bit rusty and was sore a few days. All in all it was one of the most delightful experiences of my life and certainly a vacation I will never forget!


Esan Man said...

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libbytalks said...

Thanks! A bookmark is the highest complement any blogger can receive! :)

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