Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer Vacation Spot Ala Minnesota!

Breezy Point Resort in Minnesota has been around for years and it's no secret why! It's on beautiful Big Pelican Lake, a gorgeous blue lake in lovely resort town Brainerd/Baxter area northwest of the Twin Cities. People in Minnesota celebrate summer with gusto and it spills over onto the tourists who have a more than fabulous time visiting this state known for its cold weather. Not so in the summertime. It's lovely. Eighty degrees in the day on the lake cooling into the high 60's to low 70's for perfect sleeping weather in this beautiful tree-lined, lake-ridden corner of the world! Lake strewn is a better word and describes it better. There are lakes everywhere: Gull Lake and Big Pelican are large, and there are many many more of all shapes and sizes! Breezy Point's been around so long because it's got  everything this area has to offer: golfing, lake sports, an ice arena! -- meeting rooms, wedding space, you name it they have it. But don't forget the big blue sky with a few wispy pure white clouds, the beautiful sunshine bouncing off the lake and all you can think of to enjoy in between. Hey it's nearly summer! I'm so enthusiastic. Have I been to Breezy Point? YES! Am I a Minnesotan? YES!!!! :) Come to our state and enjoy! Libby

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MN Music Lovers COME TO 4th Ann'l Benefit Concert Ovarian Cancer Research 4/17 4PM 1ST AVE MPLS PLS RT

I love this town! This is my home town! Please come on a Saturday afternoon in April, during some of the best weather Minnesota has to offer! Come one and come all from all over Minnesota, the Midwest and Beyond! People of Twitterland and thereabouts -- on the weekend of Saturday, April 17th -- when NINE of the Twin Cities BEST bands and musicians will perform at FIRST AVENUE starting at 4:00 PM in beautiful downtown Minneapolis for the Fourth Annual, "It Whispers So Listen and Overcome" Benefit Concert for Ovarian Cancer Research. Where 100% of the net proceeds from the event will be donated to the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance! 100%! Traditionally a rock only event -- the organizers decided to mix up the musical genres this year -- and make it a more complete concert. The response was fantastic and the result is depicted in the lineup below. 

It will be a great night of music!

Love and blessings, @libbytalks @Publicity_Chick

  89.3 The Current Presents
4th Annual" It Whispers So Listen and Overcome"
A Benefit Concert For Ovarian Cancer Research
Saturday, April 17 

First Avenue
 Minneapolis, MN 
Doors @ 4pm

Featuring performances by:

Now, Now Every Children 9:30
Big Quarters 8:50
The Melismatics 8:10

Far From Falling 7:30
Attention 6:50
Drift Effect 6:10

No Bird Sing 5:30
Fragile 4:50
Sarah Pray 4:15
18+ Event $12 Advance ($12 Door
All proceeds benefit the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance.
For Advanced Tickets (ON SALE NOW):Ticketmaster

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Horseback Riding in France

Now this is a new concept in vacationing. My sister took her daughters on this very trip the year they graduated from college and the three of them had a blast. They finished the trip in Paris. My sister Suzy said next time, she would skip Paris and just do the horseback tour. Now here is where we differ. If I go with her, I will skip the horses and wait for her in Paris!

But let's keep an open mind! It is a beautiful tour through the French countryside. .A taste of history, French food, delicious food, the warmth and skill of the guides, scenery that inspired Van Gogh and Cezanne these things combine to make the experience unforgettable. It is a once in a lifetime trip. So don't waste the whole stay shopping in Paris, experience the thrill of riding into the courtyard of a castle like a traveler right out of a book! Accommodations vary from small village hotels to chateaus, but are usually quite comfortable and charming. One again, let me mention the FOOD!

Perhaps my sister had the right idea all along! I like horseback riding!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cruise to St. Thomas -- Caribbean -- Ideal Getaway

St. Thomas one of the world's most popular cruise ports offers something for everyone. Beautiful island beaches like Magens Bay and some of the best duty-free shopping in the world! This picture is a view of Charlotte Amalie. You can easily find an escape from the crowds on the quieter side...the historic trips to Water Island -- recently designated the fourth Virgin Island...north shore beaches and great restaurants in French town.

Sound too good to be true? Well my best girl friend Mary went there on her honeymoon and is planning a cruise trip back soon. She is a calls-it-like-she-sees-it type of gal. And Mary says the islands deliver everything they promise and more. So I'm going there one day with my amore using Libby Talks Travel. Take care friends! I hope you make it to the Caribbean too!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Libby Talks Travel -- Hana, Maui (Hawaii)

I've attached the link on the last line of this article, so you may read their website! I'll focus on my personal experience. Hana on Maui is paradise personified! I had the privilege to go there as a teenager with my sister, my dad an my step mom -- and it was an unforgettable experience. The people were friendly, but protective of their village -- we stayed up the hill. The beaches were unbelievable -- both pristine and rugged. The food I'll never forget and I'm not a foodie! The fresh pineapple was so plentiful it cleansed us of every impurity. It cleared up my teenage skin for one ~ we were new people! We went horseback riding over some rather rugged terrain. My sister and I loved it, my dad was a bit rusty and was sore a few days. All in all it was one of the most delightful experiences of my life and certainly a vacation I will never forget!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Let's Visit Perth, Australia, see @DamienCripps LIVE!

I would love to visit Perth, Australia and see my favorite Band perform LIVE, Damien Cripps sometime real soon! I also have investigated and found that Perth in Western Australia is a lovely place to visit, and not just for the fabulous music! It is advertised as somewhere to experience the Old Australia: friendly people, sandy beaches and beautiful blue water. Sounds great to me, this is becoming a theme on Libby Talks Travel! This picture is of Rottnest Island, just a short ferry ride from Perth looks well worth the trip! It is known for its very relaxed atmosphere, that's what I look for on my vacation. That and plenty of water, beach and sun...thank goodness for sunscreen and okay, I'm older, sunhats! For nightlife, I'm heading to one of the nightclubs or outdoor venues where Damien Cripps Band is playing. If you're just daydreaming today about Australia, and plan to go there someday -- I will let you know that the Damien Cripps Band is planning a U.S. tour in 2010! You can be sure information on the cities and their atmosphere will be on the Libby Talks Travel blog! Along with inexpensive fares to get you there on my connected Libby Talks Travel site. I'm adding a video bar from YouTube from Western Australia and the Damien Cripps band so you can enjoy some tunes while you read the rest of the blog! ENJOY everyone! Love and Peace ~ Libby

Wednesday, September 2, 2009