Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Libby Talks Travel - The Bahamas

The purpose of this blog will be to visit virtually speaking all the places of the world I'd really like to visit one day. I will feature a different travel spot in each post, an exotic corner of the world, from Cancun pictured in the header to the Bahamas I am writing about in this section. Please give me suggestions if there is a particular place you would like to see discussed. We can all live vicariously through the sights and sounds. some of us may decide to make their visit real. And we're prepared for that! For your convenience, this blog is linked to Libby Talks Travel -- my travel site -- and you can book a trip through it to anywhere that tickles your fancy. I will keep this blog updated, unless I decide to follow my own advice and to hit the open road or water!

Speaking of water, Grand Bahama Island lies just 50 miles east of Florida and is a lovely place to visit for it's weather, friendly people and beautiful beaches. As a visitor you are at the center of island life. You will be welcomed and entertained with genuine warmth and hospitality. Grand Bahama Island’s hotels and casinos are of a caliber that has earned them the title of “New World Riviera.” There is an International Bazaar with a collection of beautiful boutiques. I was born to shop!

Grand Bahama Island is a wonder! It is known for its beautiful nature preserves and hiking trails. Highlights while you're not shopping would be: pristine beaches, lovely villages and all that goes in to making a true tropical paradise.


RetiredTeacherD David Black said...

Would you go snorkeling there or scuba diving?

Libby Baker Sweiger said...

Snorkeling, I'd rather not strap on the tank and go too deep myself! :)

♥ Gadgeteer ♥ said...

Your a terrific writer enjoyed reading your blog. Grand Bahama Island is a beautiful place, I am going to visit there some day.