Thursday, March 25, 2010

Horseback Riding in France

Now this is a new concept in vacationing. My sister took her daughters on this very trip the year they graduated from college and the three of them had a blast. They finished the trip in Paris. My sister Suzy said next time, she would skip Paris and just do the horseback tour. Now here is where we differ. If I go with her, I will skip the horses and wait for her in Paris!

But let's keep an open mind! It is a beautiful tour through the French countryside. .A taste of history, French food, delicious food, the warmth and skill of the guides, scenery that inspired Van Gogh and Cezanne these things combine to make the experience unforgettable. It is a once in a lifetime trip. So don't waste the whole stay shopping in Paris, experience the thrill of riding into the courtyard of a castle like a traveler right out of a book! Accommodations vary from small village hotels to chateaus, but are usually quite comfortable and charming. One again, let me mention the FOOD!

Perhaps my sister had the right idea all along! I like horseback riding!

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